LEGO Super Mario Piranha Plant 71426

The world of LEGO and Super Mario comes together in a wonderful new set: the LEGO Super Mario 71426 Piranha Plant. Designed specifically for adult fans, this set offers a unique building experience that is both nostalgic and innovative.

The Piranha Plant is one of the most recognizable enemies from the Super Mario games, and this LEGO version brings the character to life with stunning detail and functionality. With 540 parts, this set offers a challenging and satisfying building experience.

Interactive and dynamic design

Once completed, the Piranha Plant stands proudly at a height of 23 cm, with a width of 11 cm and a depth of 17 cm. The model is not only visually impressive, but also interactive. The plant can be adjusted in its head, beak, stem and leaves, making it a dynamic display piece that can be put in any pose.

In addition, the Piranha Plant is contained in a buildable green pipe, adding to the authenticity of the design. In addition to the plant itself, the set also includes two coin elements, which is a fun nod to the Super Mario games.

LEGO Super Mario Piranha Plant 71426 detail

LEGO Super Mario Piranha Plant 71426 features

  • Name: LEGO Super Mario 71426 Piranha Plant
  • Parts: 540
  • Dimensions: 23 cm high, 11 cm wide, 17 cm deep
  • Interactive elements: Adjustable head, mouth, stem and leaves
  • Extras: Buildable green pipe, two coin elements
  • Price: 79.99 CAD in the LEGO Shop
  • Release date: November 6, 2023

In short, the LEGO Super Mario 71426 Piranha Plant is a must-have for LEGO enthusiasts and Super Mario fans alike. It combines the best of both worlds in a beautiful display piece that is sure to take center stage in any collection. Don't miss this opportunity to bring a piece of Super Mario history into your home!

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