LEGO Stops Manufacturing Bricks from Recycled Plastic Bottles

LEGO has ceased its efforts to manufacture its signature LEGO bricks from recycled plastic bottles. This is because they discovered that using this "clean" alternative led to significantly higher CO2 emissions than their traditional oil-based plastics.

For the past two years, LEGO has been experimenting with a new brick made from recycled plastic bottles. However, Niels Christiansen, LEGO's CEO, indicated that using these recycled RPET Lego bricks led to higher emissions. This was because it required a new factory and different equipment for production.

In addition, the result of the bricks was not as hoped. Christiansen noted that there was once a simple idea that there would be a new, sustainable material suitable for their products, but after hundreds of tests, this proved not to be the case.

Future Sustainability Plans of LEGO

Despite this setback, LEGO remains committed to sustainability. The company still plans to remove all oil-based plastics from its products by 2030. They also plan to reduce their CO2 emissions by 37% by 2032 and plan to invest $3 billion a year in sustainability initiatives by 2025.

Although LEGO's efforts to find a more sustainable alternative to their traditional building blocks have not been successful so far, the company remains determined to reduce its impact on the environment and continues to search for more sustainable materials and production methods.

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