LEGO boat

The best mates are on the shore? They are with these LEGO boat sets. Sail the rough sea with your ship or go diving in a submarine. The choice is huge: LEGO Friends boat, LEGO Ninjago boat or LEGO city boat? Check out the best LEGO boat offers.

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lego 43185 bouns boat

LEGO 43185 Boun’s Boat

LEGO Disney


lego 41702 canal houseboat

LEGO Canal Houseboat 41702

LEGO Friends


lego 40487 sailboat adventure
Coming soon

LEGO 40487 Sailboat Adventure

LEGO Ideas


lego 10294 titanic

LEGO Titanic 10294

LEGO Icons


lego 76942 baryonyx dinosaur boat escape

LEGO Baryonyx Dinosaur Boat Escape 76942

LEGO Jurassic World


lego 80013 monkie kids team secret hq

LEGO Monkie Kid’s Team Secret HQ 80013

LEGO Monkie Kid


lego 41681 forest camper van and sailboat

LEGO Forest Camper Van and Sailboat 41681

LEGO Friends


lego 60272 police boat transport

LEGO 60272 Police Boat Transport



lego 60277 police patrol boat

LEGO Police Patrol Boat 60277



lego 76158 batboat the penguin pursuit

LEGO 76158 Batboat The Penguin Pursuit!

LEGO Batman